Sunday, 16 May 2010

Alexanders Penzion

We rode in the little red hatchback until Brno, then piled in the Mission Van with 2 other couples and headed for Prague. We saw so many castles on the way, but only talked them into stopping to take a couple pictures. We stayed in Alexander's Penzion in Prague for 9 days, while we waited for the Apartment to be available. It is just a block away from the Church so very convenient. It is affectionately referred to as the Bohemian Penzion. It was quite interesting, flowers stapled to the curtains and walls etc. I took pictures because it was interesting and hard to describe. Our first Sunday was Fast and Testimony Meeting, and it was great! We could even understand some of the language. Ha ha They had language transmitters for us giving us the translation. We had to spend that first Sunday in a dark, very small, far from stellar room. To get some light we took a short walk to a park and looked over the city. It is beautiful. There are beautiful Church spires everywhere. The castle is just up the street and we can't wait to go for a visit. Staying at the Penzion got old very quickly. Living out of a suitcase for that long was tough on me, I couldn't find anything. You know my anal side of knowing where things are....I was going a little bit crazy but I held on until we got into our apartment on Sunday, March 14th.


  1. Your apartment is beautiful - not at all what I expected from your e-mails. Thanks for the link!

    My blog is mostly writing and nonsense, but every now and then I write about religion. A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a Mormon Writers Blogfest because I wrote a post on resurrection a week before Easter. Most of my followers aren't LDS, but they know I am. :o)

    Love your background!

  2. But are these pictures of your apartment or Alexanders Penzion?